organisational team
The Team behind the Movement
Who are the driving forces behind the congress

Creative Allrounder, Movement and Embodyment Facilitator

Creative all-rounder who loves dancing, moving, drawing, and spontaneity

Creating money conscious participants

Specialised in supporting leaders and top teams

The wise old woman

Specialised in creating the vision of your life with 40 years of holistic experience

Founder - Source

Founder and creator of the Money&Business Partnership series of conferences and congresses

Programme design and event moderation

Ilona animates events that carry messages and visions for a joyful and sustainable future.

Extreme Artist and Advisor

Extreme Artist | Bestselling Author | Founder of #Masterpiece Movement

Participatory online events advisor

Ecosystem builder, facilitator and organization designer

Sub-Source of the pks Community

Co-founder and managing partner from plenum

Local host in Austria

Co-founder of “pioneers of change" and of several other civil society initiatives

Translation of the IntrinsiCoin

My passion is in learning new things and applying my knowledge in order to show how development can go «differently».

Team Member

Lisa Teasley is the author of acclaimed novels Dive and Heat Signature the award-winning story collection, Glow in the Dark.

Technology enthusiast

Hotelier, Coach and Mentor with passion for technology that enhances love through automation

COO of Intrinsicoin

Claudia accompanies and empowers founders, teams and organisations to navigate and transform in times of transition.

Supporter of the core team

Coach and advisor to purpose-driven founders

Supporter of the core team

Coach and advisor