Sub-Source of the pks Community

Sylvia Brenzel

Sylvia Brenzel

Sub-Source of the pks Community

email: sylvia.brenzel@plenum.at

Sylvia Brenzel was born in Venezuela and lives in Austria since 1987. She is co-founder and managing partner from plenum – association for holistic sustainable development. She co-initiated the Pioneers of Change and leads the years programme “Lead the Change”. Since more than 10 years she works with Peter Koenig, is the sub-source of the pks Community and applies the money- and source-work in diverse fields. In 2014 she was identified by Ashoka Austria as one of the most important change makers in Austria and received several awards in the field of sustainable development. From the very first she developed and launched the first CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) course in Austria. Building on her education and professional experience her thematic competence lies mainly in training, consulting and coaching for a sustainable development. She has excellent expertise of the topics Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Entrepreneurship and additionally advises entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in unfolding their potentials.

Lead the Change – The years program of the Pioneers of Change (in German)
Develop your competencies for co-creation, social innovation, cultural transformation and leadership for change

Quintessence – Masterclass for Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Quintessence is the Masterclass when it comes to know-how, tools and methods for the management of sustainability and transformation. It provides a deep and holistic understanding of relationships and new principles from the areas sustainability, management and transformation.”

Money- and Source-Seminars according to the peterkoenigsystem.