Extreme Artist | Bestselling Author | Founder of #Masterpiece Movement

Alexander Inchbald

Alexander Inchbald

Extreme Artist and Advisor

email: alexander@alexander-inchbald.com

“Extreme Artist | Bestselling Author | Founder of #Masterpiece Movement
Alexander helps Changemakers, misfits, the crazy ones, artists with wild ideas—anyone who has ever been rejected—to create the Masterpiece they were born to create. He has studied creation for over 40 years—painting in extreme locations all over the world, combining physiology, psychology, neurology, epigenetics and metaphysics with what wisdom cultures have known for millennia. He has worked on all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for organizations like UNICEF, WHO, UN, ICRC, HP, Samsung and Richemont. He lives with his wife and children above Lake Geneva.”


“Create and Realize your #Masterpiece

Imagine creating the next 5,000 year cycle so your children and great grandchildren can live the most extraordinary lives. The current cycle which we can trace back to the dawn of civilization is coming to an end. It has served humanity well for the last 5,000 years, but if we continue with it for the next decade, humanity won’t be here in 50 years.


#Masterpiece is designed to help you extract yourself from the current system so you can create the new ecosystem more in tune with Mother nature and your true nature. It is based on four modules and 10 weeks of support:


Module #1:

Purpose and Power – articulate your essence and unlock your true power to create.

Module #2:

Money and Mission – change your relationship to money and develop your Mission – the next chapter of your life.

Module #3:

Your Artist Profile – discover how you create – all of us create in one of four different ways: Creators create ideas, Collaborators create communities, Calculators create value through service and Choreographers create systems and processes.

Module #4:

Your Masterpiece – hear what you are being called to create.


You can take this journey in one of three different ways:
#Masterpiece | Online with a group of 10-15 others – after the first four modules, we will help you over ten weeks to change your relationship to money, power, love and time so you create the Value Proposition, Communications Flow and Money Flow System to bring your Masterpiece to life.
#Masterpiece | 1:1 – I will guide you through the same journey in four 90 minute sessions over 6 weeks.
#Masterpiece | Creation – join 11 other CEOs on the journey of a lifetime – we start in South Africa in the Cradle of Humankind before heading to Switzerland above the route Napoleon and Hannibal took over the Alps, then we go to one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway before heading to Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan.


Together we will create the next 5,000 year cycle. Each program is supported by hours of videos on WorldClass.Academy and worldclass coaches including Peter Koenig, Vernon Frost, Kari Aina Eik, Professor Jean-Philippe Challandes and Chensun Mills.”