Yes, there is a program, although it is not published on this website. That is because this is a different type of event, and participants will be an integral part of the agenda creation. More details on the curated part of the program can be found on the community platform once you have registered. In the meantime, this short video gives you some more information on the journey. Come and join the adventure with us J.

PS: The journey starts on the 11th April at 2PM Central European time and ends on the 14th of April at 3 PM, with flexible participation over the four days.


What about the programme? from Money Business Partnership on Vimeo.

We want to move money and at the same facilitate the action of sponsoring, under the motif of: “fun-ding as a fun-thing”. So if you feel the need to give or to receive, you are welcome to take part in the sponsorship scheme, by filling in your details here. Some more information on what this scheme is all about in this video.



Sponsorship from Money Business Partnership on Vimeo.


You might notice that we do not have our own privacy policy. That is because, aside from the cookies on the website that you opted in via the website banner, we are using third party services for registration, payment, streaming platform and community platform. Our data specialist Kevin gives you some more information in this video, for more conscious data management.


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