This event costs money, why?

Many online events are free. However, this one costs money because we want money to flow with love between us. We will not transition to a new system by rejecting the old – we must build on it step-by-step. So, you may want to consider the €240 ‘ticket price’ as your investment in the future of money. The event itself will be non-profit and, if enough people register (beyond 1,000 participants), we will send you a proportional return of the surplus after the event.

€240 is a lot of money for some people. Is there an alternative?
Yes. If you are struggling to invest €240 and you feel called to join the event, there is an alternative. Apart from the two people at the extremes, the richest person in the world and the poorest, we are all without exception richer than someone else and poorer than someone else! This means that we all have the means to give and receive from someone else. So, to encourage the flow of money, we’re introducing a SPONSORSHIP scheme to match those who need to give with those who need to receive.  


The last sponsorship event for this edition of the congress took place on Tuesday 6th of April. We are now closing the scheme until next time, thank you for your understanding!