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Creating the future of Money

We need to rethink, reimagine and redesign our world so money flows freely. That starts with rethinking the future of money. Imagine a world where money flows with love – a world where we all love what we do – a world where we Create love in business
The new bottom line

"Creating Love in Business - the new Bottom Line"

What is the purpose of the Money & Business Partnership Congress?

The Congress Form: This Congress will be HYBRID.

Dear Friends


I warmly invite you to join the 8th Money & Business partnership congress and be part of the international movement focusing on creating love in business, the new bottom line.


The first Money & Business partnership congress took place in 1999. It was designed as a platform for the creation of the future of money. In the first editions, the congress brought together leading academic financial reformers with business people who were largely operating in the post-industrial model focusing on growth and profit.


The 7th edition will open the space in a hybrid format for an interdisciplinary and international participation, to all of you who resonate with the importance of shifting the bottom line from financial results to love and build the new paradigm of money & business beyond stakeholder capitalism.


Money & business… with love? The time has come to redefine the design, rules and culture of our money system, so that money can be used for nothing other than the original purpose of enhancing life and that the money flowing with these transactions can flow with love. To initiate that flow of love, we also need to create new forms of partnerships based on love for what we do and share with others.


This implies creating something more than incremental change – the current system is so coherent that it requires a redefinition of every aspect of the system simultaneously to attain at least the same level of coherence.
Wherever you are and whatever you do, you can be part of this.


Peter Koenig

Why Join Us

Group 350@2x

Create meaningful partnerships

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

Group 349@2x

Be part of creating monies of the future

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

Group 348@2x

Create an equitable world

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

Who Should Join?

Finance Experts

Everyone in finance who is interested in creating the future of money

Business Leaders

Everyone in business who is interested in creating love in business


Everyone who is helping to rethink, reimagine and recreate our world on purpose

Attend the 8th Money & Business Partnership Congress Online


Join the love in business movement


Join a 4-day hybrid congress on the future of money and business


Create a session and attend sessions created by fellow participants


Create meaningful partnerships based on what you love


Build your unique journey through the congress


Sponsor someone or request sponsorship


Meet like-minded people before and during the congress



Host a hub with participants from your city

Your Opportunity

Over the course of our 4 days together, each and every interview, talk and conversation will co-actively build on the central theme, ‘Creating Love in Business as The New Bottom Line’, without any one of us knowing exactly where it is going or where it will end up. A catalytic moment in time, like no other event or congress before it.


How? Each of our speakers will follow a key ground rule – to absorb the previous interview or talk and build upon it (as in Improv) integrating their own perspectives, visions, missions and/or inclinations, before passing it on.


This ground rule will continue to weave through all other large and small group interactions, providing you with a unique opportunity to build your own thread of Love in Business, moving individual ideas and collective initiative into action. Taking 100% responsibility for your own process, we will encourage you to allow your own needs (to give and receive both money and love) to guide you, so together we build the new paradigm of money and business.

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About Peter Koenig


Peter Koenig is the originator of the ideas about source in this website. He works from Zurich, Switzerland and is best known for his seminal research and workshops on the relationship between people and money, and more recently to identity and entrepreneurship.


Peter has studied the phenomenology of money since the early 1980s, giving presentations and performing original research with small groups. Following an MBA in Geneva, Peter ran a business providing management training, leadership and strategic development processes for companies. In 1987 he became an independent financial and organizational consultant to companies and non-profit organizations. In 1994 he launched his first public Money Seminar and in 1999 initiated a new international conference series on Money & Business Partnership.


In 2009 he started elaborating his ideas on source, with his research involving over 500 entrepreneurs and founders.


Creating money conscious participants

Specialised in supporting leaders and top teams

Participatory online events advisor

Ecosystem builder, facilitator and organization designer

Translation of the IntrinsiCoin

My passion is in learning new things and applying my knowledge in order to show how development can go «differently».

The wise old woman

Specialised in creating the vision of your life with 40 years of holistic experience

Programme design and event moderation

Ilona animates events that carry messages and visions for a joyful and sustainable future.

Technology enthusiast

Hotelier, Coach and Mentor with passion for technology that enhances love through automation

Founder - Source

Founder and creator of the Money&Business Partnership series of conferences and congresses

Supporter of the core team

Coach and advisor

COO of Intrinsicoin

Claudia accompanies and empowers founders, teams and organisations to navigate and transform in times of transition.

Sub-Source of the pks Community

Co-founder and managing partner from plenum

Extreme Artist and Advisor

Extreme Artist | Bestselling Author | Founder of #Masterpiece Movement

Creative Allrounder, Movement and Embodyment Facilitator

Creative all-rounder who loves dancing, moving, drawing, and spontaneity

Local host in Austria

Co-founder of “pioneers of change" and of several other civil society initiatives

Team Member

Lisa Teasley is the author of acclaimed novels Dive and Heat Signature the award-winning story collection, Glow in the Dark.

Supporter of the core team

Coach and advisor to purpose-driven founders

With grateful thanks to the following enterprises of our core-team members, for their invaluable contributions:

Creation Partners

And to our valued

Business Partners